Imagination is fed by so little or almost nothing: a piece of cardboard,  wood, wine mesh... "Paper mâché" allows me to integrate this base with other materials and unify them all. It has spontaneity, mordant and a variety of textures that I need for my creative process.


I rely on defects that are perceived as such by a society accustomed to setting things into boxes and using stereotypes or clichés, which I consider as assets that I transcend, fueled by a spirit of positive provocation and rebellion to achieve aesthetically result contrary to imposed standards.

Can the ugly becomes beautiful? What is ugly? What is beautifull? 

Having lived many years in different countries confirmed my taste for difference and mixing genres. My environment, its energy, the colors and shapes that surround me as well as various situations that I witness are my sources of creativity and inspiration.


I picture outlines and materials and I think of different technics and associations without bias. 


Let's imagine, build and design from nothing or very little: let's explore the unknown; let's enrich ourselves through an experience constantly renewed; let's always challenge everything; let's wonder if finally the essential is not what we have but what we don't have...