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Located in Calvados, Cambremer is a village in Normandy not only charming but still authentic. It is located in the heart of the Pays-d'Auge, and the famous "route du cidre". For being just 14 km from Lisieux, 35 km from Caen, 22 km from the sea, and 2 hours from Paris by the A13 motorway makes it an accessible village. Its countryside, orchards and stud farms make it a place pleasant to live with many shops and local services, not to mention the associations that contribute to its dynamism and attractiveness. For more information on the city, visit the Cambremer website (click! Click! Cliiiic!)

The Cider Route, unavoidable tour of the Pays d'Auge in Lower Normandy, is located in the Canton of Cambremer. The idea began in 1973 with a proposal from Houlgate councillor who advocated the creation of a tourist route to allow tourists to discover the hinterland and appreciate the high quality of local products.

In 1974, the implementation of this project is carried out thanks to the tourist office of the Canton which decides to call this circuit "Road of the cider". The farmers' union of Cider farm-produced of the

cru de Cambremer reevaluated the cider with an "open cellars" event as well designed layout of the road and the installation of the "Cider Road" and "cru" signages Cambremer ", located at the entrance of the farms allowing visits and tastings.

By following the "Route du Cidre" of the Pays d'Auge, you will go through the small Augeron villages of: Cambremer, Beuvron en Auge, Beaufour, Bonnebosq, Grandouet, Rumesnil, Victot-Pontfol, St Aubin-Lebizay, La Roque Baignard, Druval , Crevecoeur Auge ... The variety of the landscapes, the typical constructions, the warm and natural welcome of the producers, the old-fashioned markets, so many small pleasures to be rediscovered because often forgotten. Welcomed in authentic settings, in bed and breakfast, in lodgings or at the hotel, you will taste the local products: cider, calvados, pommel, perry, jams, honey ...

On your way, you will visit magnificent Manors, Castles and Haras and you will discover, through many exhibitions, Norman artists and craftsmen ...